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Welcome to Hdyty

In July 21, 2009, Pluto lunched a new web site called Hdyty, which is the translation of my gift in Arabic. The idea of this web site is to present to customers with a verity number of gifts in one place. No need to go and tour malls and shops to look for the right gift. That is not all. You will surprise your love ones by letting them collect the gift without knowing that it is from you! That is because it will be delivered to their homes using one of the largest express carrier and package delivery companies in the world. Hdyty is one of the first few first professional Arabic e-market web sites. We will see together what the purpose of lunching Hdyty was and what are its strategies.

Successful people are always busy. They face lots of occasions in their life where they need to buy gifts. Although they have busy and tight schedule, yet ordinary gift do not satisfy their taste. But looking for fascinating gifts needs more time for search which is impossible due to their life style. This kind of search might take days or weeks. One of main purpose of establishing Hdyty is to help those people who cannot buy ordinary gifts and do not have the time for searching for write gifts. After that, Hdyty started thinking of those people who live in small cities and villages. They do not have lots of options in the community they live in. Thanks to Hdyty and the e-commerce business that it provides, this will no longer be a problem for those people any more.

In Hdyty, the strategy is trying to provide a huge collection of unique gifts as possible. Hdyty do not focus on products that are available in local market. It is important to make our customers feel extraordinary and make their beloved ones speechless when they receive a gift from Hdyty. Not only that Hdyty deliver gifts to their door steps, but packing is something needs to be mentioned here. Most of the gifts are packed in an adorable white fabric bag with Hdyty logo on it. Customers can even use those bags for personal use. Delivery time is something important in Hdyty as well. Most of the gifts are delivered next day to customers. Hdyty also could be a life saver! It is really embarrassing and awkward at the same time if you forget your husband’s/wife’s birthday for example. At Hdyty, you could choose the date of receiving the gift. By doing this, you could buy your gift weeks before the occasion.

In conclusion, Hdyty is one of first professional e-commerce web sites in the Middle East. They have an enormous collection of adorable gifts. It has the best choice for each type of occasion. It delivers gifts on the next day using one of the best carriers in the world. It will help you save time and money. Hdyty .. Try it .. Buy it .. And you’ll never regret it.